We are the executive team of Vancouver Entrepreneurs Toastmasters Club. Feel free to email and ask questions or leave comments. We are here to help. We wish you all the best on your leadership journey.

Liudmila Ageicheva


(July 2020 - Present)


A former English teacher and ECE back in Russia, Liudmila moved to Vancouver in Dec 2012 and now teaches People How Money Works. She believes a solid financial knowledge foundation is the key to making healthy money choices. Liudmila is passionate about helping families and individuals understand and apply Simple Financial Concepts, providing a strategy that will set them on a Path to Financial Freedom.


 Liudmila never thought of becoming an entrepreneur before coming to Canada. Entrepreneurship requires mental toughness  and lot of personal development which Liudmila found at VETC. She is very grateful for this life-transforming journey with the amazing VETC community!

As President, Liudmila's goal is to be a helpful and supportive leader, make sure the club runs with a high standard level, and provide every member with a safe place to grow and succeed as entrepreneur.



(July 2020 - Present)


Coming to Vancouver from France Ingrid was expected to find a regular project manager position in IT, improve her English, learn about Canadian culture and make new friends. But she found more than that.

Being in another country actually gave her the freedom and inspiration she needed to do what really matters to her, acting storytelling, practicing a new language and entrepreneurship.

She is the founder of « Griottes Polyglottes » where adults and kids can practice French speaking through a fun and more effective experience.

Nikita Sharma


(January 2021 - Present)


Nikita Sharma had a unique upbringing. She was born in the remote town of Inuvik, NWT where she learned how to live off the land from the indigenous Inuit, to cross country ski and to drive in frigid snow and on the ice road. She then moved to a blueberry farm in Abbotsford, B.C. where she adopted the habits of hard work ethic as she helped her family harvest and maintain the land they lived on. She then moved to Calgary, AB where she completed her B.Sc. in Environmental Science and began a career in the Environmental Consulting industry. 

She soon began to realize this field may not be her passion as she wanted to do work that was rewarding and where she could utilize her creativity. She followed her heart and quit her downtown corporate job and pursued her passion in health and fitness. She became a personal trainer and quickly fell in love with the rewarding, creative and interactive field of personal training. Nikita has recently moved back to B.C and now lives in Vancouver. She is still a personal trainer and is currently working on ways to improve the fitness industry to make health and fitness more easily accessible through her entrepreneurial endeavour.


She is also a huge advocate of personal development and encourages those around her to pursue their passions, dreams and to be the best version of themselves!

Tu Long.jpg


(July 2020 - Present)


Tu is a former Senior Video Game Producer and has worked with EA, Microsoft, and Sony for many AAA game titles before moving to Canada in 2018. She is now a passionate entrepreneur who loves to help other business owners to grow their online presence by having an effective website and build their brand on social media.


She is also an educator and passionate about inspiring the young generations in her home country to thrive and live the fullest life that they always wanted. 

As VP Public Relations, she believes that she can contribute to the connection of current members, the attraction of new members who will benefit from this professional club, as well as ensure that VETC continues to be one of the best Toastmasters Clubs in Vancouver!

Liliana Nino


(January 2021 - Present)


Liliana Nino is a former corporate executive who worked in different positions for different pharmaceutical and medical device companies in Latin America during the last 10 years.


She is passionate about doing business and helping people to create new business and opening new markets.  Her capacity to motivate, inspire and call others to action is rooted in her strong personality which motivated her to create her own consulting company that focuses on providing entrepreneurs with strategic insight to make effective connections to do business in Latin America.  


She joined VETC pursuing her goal of improving her speaking skills and becoming an inspirational speaker! As part of the executive team, she wants to give her best to keep the VETC high-quality level and inspire new members to join the Club.



(July 2020 - Present)


Derek has been a VETC member since 2019 and is developing his skills as a dynamic leader and inspirational speaker.


Outside of toastmasters, Derek is a product designer, multidisciplinary leader, and engineer who creates technology to improve the human condition. He seeks simplicity in design and strongly values his connection to both the people he works with, as well as those impacted by the technology he works on.


As club Treasurer, Derek is responsible for financial policies, procedures, and controls.

Adam Hart


(January 2021 - Present)


Adam is a chef, restaurateur, and event planner with a passion for designing social customer experiences. He started marking tasty beer at 14, which snowballed into dreams of building innovative hospitality brands. He has dedicated the last 10 years to studying and practicing the art and business of memorable hospitality and service.

Recently Adam has dedicated himself to pursue his interest in web-technologies. Adam strives daily towards his goal of building a passionate team and a sustainable business. 

At VETC Adam aims to bring purpose, clarity, and zest into his speaking. As Sergeant at Arms Adam is responsible for club logistics (Videos, venues, materials, ect).

We want you.png




Being on the V.E.T.C. Executive is one of the greatest things you can do in your life. And that is no exaggeration.

As an executive member, you steer the course of our club and have a direct impact on hundreds of peoples lives. Nothing can be more rewarding than to say, "I helped someone become a better person because of what I did on the V.E.T.C. executive."

What would you be committing to?

  • Six month's at a time. We hold elections twice a year.

  • Various tasks from home. The more time you put in, the more rewarding it is for you and your club members.

  • Bi weekly executive meetings lasting 30 minutes max.

Interested? Email us now!!