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    We are the executive team of Vancouver Entrepreneurs Toastmasters Club. Feel free to email and ask questions or leave comments. We are here to help. We wish you all the best on your leadership journey.

    Tiffany Riddell


    (January 2020 - Present)



    (July 2019 - Present)


    Coming to Vancouver from France Ingrid was expected to find a regular project manager position in IT, improve her English, learn about Canadian culture and make new friends. But she found more than that.

    Being in another country actually gave her the freedom and inspiration she needed to do what really matters to her, acting storytelling, practice a new language and entrepreneurship.

    She is the founder of « Griottes Polyglottes » where adults and kids can practice French speaking through a fun and more effective experience.


    As President, Ingrid’s goal is to make sure that the club runs with a high standard level while providing to every members a safe place to improve and succeed as entrepreneurs.


    Tiffany Riddell is working towards her dream goal of being a high profile speaker, writer, personality, and talk show host. Her passion lies in dialogue surrounding personal development obstacles, mental health, diversity, global awareness, pop culture, mass media, and current events.  


    Tiffany holds a M.Ed. in Adult Learning from UBC and is a certified Myers-Briggs® Personality Type trainer and team building coach. Tiffany has years of experience working in events management as well as business administration and development in organizational culture and private businesses.

    As VP Education of VETC, Tiffany's goal is to make sure that every member get all the training information they need to get through their pathway with confidence.

    Amy Do


    (January 2020 - Present)

    Liudmila Ageicheva


    (July 2019 - Present)


    Liudmila is a financial professional; she teaches people how money works because she believes a solid financial knowledge foundation is the key to making healthy money choices. Liudmila is passionate about helping families and individuals understand and apply Simple Financial Concepts, providing a strategy that will set them on a Path to Financial Freedom.


     A former English teacher and ECE back in Russia, Liudmila moved to Vancouver in Dec  2012. She never thought of becoming an entrepreneur before coming to Canada. Entrepreneurship involves a lot of personal development which Liudmila found at VETC. She is very grateful for this life-transforming journey with the amazing VETC community!


    As VP Membership, Liudmila is responsible for growth in club membership and individual member retention. By helping VETC guests feel welcome and providing them with the information they need to join the club, Liudmila helps maintain a constant influx of new people into our club.


    Amy has always been a believer and a seeker. Growing up in a small city in Vietnam, she was always dreaming to see the bigger world and wondering what is offered out there since she was 15 years old. Her dream came true when she landed in Vancouver, Canada in 2014. But the dream did not stop there, she was continuously seeking answers for "What is my purpose in life & How can I use my scared gifts to serve others?". She tried many different things and as it turns out passion comes after you put in hard work and align with your inner voice. Her inner voice told her to try yoga and spiritual practices through a Mindfulness Retreat (ThaiPlum Village) in 2019. She is on the path of becoming a yoga teacher and building a community where women can connect through practice mindfulness yoga, meditation, and be seen as who they are. 

    As VP Public Relations, she believes that she can contribute to the connection of current members, the attraction of new members who will benefit from this professional club, as well as ensure that VETC continues to be probably the most prestigious Toastmasters Club in Vancouver!

    Sushil Nagar


    (January 2020 - Present)

    Liam Clark


    (January 2020 - Present)


    Liam is originally from Scotland and has a degree in Computer Science. He has 20 years experience within the software industry. He has been recently qualified as a certified scrum master and has a passion for utilizing technology for process improvements.


    In his spare time he enjoys volunteering for the Vancouver Food Bank

    As Secretary of VETC, Liam organizes and maintains all club records and information. 

    As Sergent at Arm Sushil is responsible for all logistics (e.g. venue bookings, materials, videos, etc)




    Aaron D'Souza


    (January 2019 - Present)


    A VETC member for over 6 years, Aaron D'Souza committed to the path of becoming a speaker because of the transformational power sharing your story has with others. His proudest moment came 5 years after joining VETC when he delivered a speech at Vancouver Get Inspired on October 20, 2018 on a deeply personal (and humorous) topic which can be viewed on YouTube. The speech led him to become a dating and relationship coach for single women who seek their ideal relationships.


    Currently, he's the Treasurer of the club and his big goal for 2020 is to grow VETC's finances x2 by working with the rest of the team to enroll more aligned members who seek to develop the skill of sharing their unforgettable stories and growing their businesses.


    Being on the V.E.T.C. Executive is one of the greatest things you can do in your life. And that is no exaggeration.

    As an executive member, you steer the course of our club and have a direct impact on hundreds of peoples lives. Nothing can be more rewarding than to say, "I helped someone become a better person because of what I did on the V.E.T.C. executive."

    What would you be committing to?

    • Six month's at a time. We hold elections twice a year.

    • Various tasks from home. The more time you put in, the more rewarding it is for you and your club members.

    • Bi weekly executive meetings lasting 30 minutes max.

    Interested? Email us now!!