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Discerning if VETC is your club.​

Vancouver Entrepreneurs Toastmasters club is a unique specialized club specifically created to foster the communication and leadership skills of entrepreneurs, the self-employed and aspiring individuals whose focus is to become an entrepreneur.


The purpose of the club is to provide a forum for entrepreneurs to network and share ideas, provide an environment that will foster innovation and entrepreneurship and help entrepreneurs cultivate and develop their own dreams.


The Club is dedicated to fostering the spirit of entrepreneurship and the entrepreneurial way of thinking. Before applying, please ensure that you fall in one of the categories above.

Yes! I've decided VETC is for me. What now?

  • When a guest attends his/her first VETC meeting, it will be explained that Vancouver Entrepreneurs Toastmasters is NOT a general purpose Toastmasters club and that it exists to serve the skill development needs of entrepreneurs only

  • Guests may attend 3 meetings without cost or obligation and are required to apply for membership in VETC by the end of their meeting

  • The VP Membership will convene an ad hoc committee of 3 Executive Team members to consider the membership application

  • Within 1 week of the submission of the Membership Application, the VP Membership will advise the applicant of the committee’s decision

  • A positive decision will trigger the VP Membership’s request that the applicant make payment to the Treasurer of VETC who will issue a receipt for this payment

  • Upon receipt of payment the VP Membership will process the application

  • As soon as possible, the VP Membership will orchestrate an induction ceremony to formally welcome the applicant into VETC.


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