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Being a Grammarian is truly an exercise in expanding your listening skills.



You have two basic responsibilities: First, to introduce new words to members to help expand their vocabulary, and second, to comment on the use of English during the course of the meeting.




  • Prepare a brief explanation of your duties as Grammarian. Why we need to be timed, the word of the day and the rules. Make a mini-speech, get creative. It’s your time on stage



Arrive at 6:30 pm to the venue and meet the SAA.



  • Opening Remarks: 2 min

  • Closing report: 2 min

  • At the start of the meeting the Toastmaster will call on you to give a brief explanation of your role. Stand in your place and speak loud and clear.

  • Throughout the meeting, listen to everyone for exceptional and bad uses of grammar/language. Write them down on your report form.

  • Close to the end of the meeting you will be called on for your report. Stand by your chair and give your report loud and clear.

  • Select a word of the day. It should be a word that can be incorporated easily into everyday conversation, but that is different from the way people usually express themselves. Words with two syllables are ideal. An adjective or an adverb is suggested since these types of words are more adaptable than a noun or a verb, but feel free to select your own special word as you wish, so long as it is not vulgar. Picking something that jives with the theme of the meeting would help the speakers spontaneously implement it in their own speeches with greater ease.

  • Mention that we all stomp our feet if a speaker mentions the word of the day.

  • In letters large enough to be seen from the back of the room, print two sheets of paper to display your word, the type of word it is, and a brief definition. Prepare a sentence showing how the word is used.

  • Prepare a brief explanation of the duties of the Grammarian for the benefit of the guests.


For more ideas, you can take a look at "Toastmaster's Word of the Day Cards" (Item 1415) here: 

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