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First impressions last forever!


As a greeter, you take on the role of being the club's first appearance to members and most importantly, to new guests as they arrive. You are the first indication as to how the meeting will pan out. It is important that you are presentable, warm and welcoming, enthusiastic, and polite. You are the person that will make all who arrive feel important and welcomed. This role will help you become more extroverted, confident and intrepid when interacting with new people while developing or strengthening your relational skills.




  • Arrive no later than 6:15 pm to the venue and meet the SAA

  • Get the Sign Up sheet from the SAA and write down a question for our guests

  • You will be waiting at the entrance for the guests, write down their name, how many times they’ve been to VETC and the answer to your question



  • Opening Remarks: 2 min

  • At the start of the meeting, the Toastmaster will call on you to give a brief explanation of your role. Stand in your place and speak loud and clear. You will introduce all the guests by asking them to stand up and sit down after you have called their name.

  • At the end of your introduction, ask if you missed any guests, ask them to stand up and introduce themselves.

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