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The Toastmaster's journey  is one embarked toward greater self improvement.​

Every Toastmaster starts their journey with the Competent Communication manual. The ten speech projects within this manual provide a structured, easy-to-follow guideline for you to grasp the basics of public speaking. Each project will challenge you to focus and master a different element of public speaking, such as vocal variety, body language, visual aids, etc.


Each time you complete a project speech, a fellow member will provide you with detailed written and oral evaluations on your performance. In additions, you will receive general feedback from each member in the audience.


With the help and support of your fellow members, you will finish the Competent Communication manual in no time.By completing the Competent Communication manual, you will have finished the Bronze level of the Toastmaster’s journey. In the Silver and Gold levels, you get to choose your advanced level communication manuals.


Each advanced manual covers a niche topic in public speaking, such as storytelling, persuasion, humor, etc. Think of it like going into senior years at university and picking a specialization. The Toastmaster’s journey not only help you become a better public speaker, but also help you develop your leadership skills. Along sides the communication manuals, there is also a corresponding leadership manual.


As you become a better speaker, you will have the chance to mentor new speaker and teach them what you have learned. This system of self-sustaining mentorship program has helped Toastmasters International to develop millions of great speakers worldwide.

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