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Make your audience laugh, then you own their attention.​


There is nothing that help create an immediate bond with an audience better then a good joke. VETC knows this too well and is proud to have included this role into the club. As a humorist, your role is to help everyone relax by telling a humor story or a joke not longer than 2-3 minutes(a personal story is always a plus) and discourage the reading of jokes. Whatever the form of humour, it must not be offensive, sexist or racist.


A fellow Toastmaster walked into a bank in Downtown Vancouver asking for a $4000 dollar loan. “Well, before we lend you the money we are going to need some kind of security” the bank teller said. “No problem”, my friend responded, "here are the keys to my car. You’ll see it, it’s a black Porsche parked in the back of the parking lot.”


A few weeks later my friend returned to pay off his loan. While he was paying it up, along with the interest of $11 dollars, the manager came over and said, “Sir, we are happy to have your  business, but if you don’t mind me asking, after you left we looked into you and found out that you are a millionaire, why would you need to borrow $4000 dollars?”


“Well", my friend responded, "it’s quite simple; where else can I park my car for three weeks in Downtown Vancouver for only $11 dollars?”

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