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  • by Steve Matthews

Helena - "Twirls" into Her 3rd speech.

Three speeches later and Helena is redefining the use of props on stage.

We spoke at the break, but before you read her answers, watch her speech at

Q: How are you feeling so far about your Toastmasters journey?

I’m loving it because I get so inspired here although sometimes I get anxious because I’m not progressing fast enough but I come here and I feel really inspired. There is something about all these people. We are all together on the same journey I guess.

Q. Tell us about your feelings on stage today. What did you go through?

I felt more relaxed. I’m a performer so I am used to being on stage and getting more relaxed which allows me to improvise a bit more. In my first speech I was saying everything just as I had rehearsed it but this time around I was able to play around a little bit with it. It’s a little bit harder because English is not my first language but it’s amazing to explore ways to deliver my speech on the go.

Q. So far all of your speeches have focused specifically on your business. Tell us more about that?

I’m using every opportunity to practice presenting for my business. Tonight’s speech was practice so I can go and present at Meetup’s and other events to get people intrigued. I have a speech even about corporations, so I can do a lunch talk so people can try it, and I will go there for free just to show people what I do.

Q. How was the audience today?

They were awesome. It is so nice to know that you have the support of everyone.

"Helena has made a great first impression. She allows her personality to shine, and I’m sure her unique approach will have Vancouver and people around the world talking about for many years to come." Email Steve Matthews if you would like to be featured on the V.E.T.C. blog.

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