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  • by Steve Matthews

Brian Street - "Death & Property Taxes"

Very few people wake up and think to themselves, “I wonder what’s happening in the world of property taxes?”

However, if you had witnessed Brian’s passion on stage, you would be sitting upright and taking notes just as I was. This was Brian’s 3rd speech in the CC manual and he spoke with authority.

Here is the video link to Brian’s speech. Click here.

Q. What inspired you to talk about Property Taxes tonight?

Property Tax is something I work with all the time and to be quite frank, I’ve never memorized it in my head. That’s not to say that I’ve ever stumbled, but I felt it needed to be on the tip of my tongue when dealing with my clients and this was an excellent opportunity to practice, and help my fellow toastmasters at the same time. It’s also been a hot topic recently in the news with the 15% foreign buyer’s tax, so it made sense to talk about something current.

Q. How long did you take in preparation for this speech?

To be honest, I only started working on this speech this morning, which I know is not ideal, but it came together really easily, being a subject that I am extremely familiar with. I feel like I presented it well without over memorization. I really felt good about it, considering the time I gave myself.

Q. How were you feeling on stage?

I felt surprisingly comfortable. Mostly because of the familiar subject, but also because of the support I received from the audience.

You can learn more about Brian through his link on the Members Wall. As Brian wrapped up his speech, I thought to myself. "If Brian can make property tax interesting, I can’t wait to hear his next speech."

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